Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service Save From YouTube free?

Yes, the service we provide is completely free!

For who is this service?

Our service is for everybody that needs to backup his own videos from YouTube or want to download copyright free videos or videos with permission of the copyright holder.

Is it legal to use the service?

The service we provide is legal. However, this may depend on your use of it and the country you are living in. We we want to emphasize that you may need permission of the owner of the video to download, you can contact them via YouTube. For further information see our Terms Of Service.

How do I save the videos?

  1. To save from YouTube you need to copy the URL from the YouTube website.
  2. Paste it into the form on the homepage.
  3. Press Generate.
  4. Select your desired quality and format.
  5. And “Right Click” on “Save Now”
  6. Choose “Download” or “Download as” (this may differ on your operating system).

Help, I can’t download my file, what can I do?

It could be that the video is temporarily not available, please try again at a later time. If the problem still exists, the video may have been deleted from YouTube.

I have another question, how can I reach Save From YouTube?

Feel free to ask us questions or give us new ideas for a better service. Please contact us here.