How to save a video from YouTube

How to save a video from YouTube?

Well, you’re on the right page if you want to know how to save a video from YouTube! This is by far the easiest method to save a video from YouTube. is maybe the most well known website where people can upload and share videos with other people. While YouTube allows people to search and watch the videos they like, YouTube is not allowing people to save their favorite videos. Officially it is forbidden to save from YouTube. You need permission from the video owner to do so!*

But if you have this permission, how to save a video from YouTube then? Well, you use third party software. However, most parties deliver software full of viruses and trojan horses and costs some money. That isn’t what you are looking for isn’t it??

Well, we at Save From YouTube have a better solution: Just copy the URL from the YouTube video and paste it in the form below. Press generate, choose your desired quality. Now you can save your video by “Right Click” and choose “Save As”. See how easy?

how to save a video from youtube


*  Downloading without permission from the owner of the video would violate their copyright and the YouTube terms of service. You can contact the owner by clicking on their YouTube profile and selecting “Send Message.”
For more copyright information, please visit our FAQ section.